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Discover your hidden leadership potential

The Hidden Leadership Questionnaire is unique in the field. Drawing on academic research it reveals the underlying assumptions that shape leadership thinking and practice. This breakthrough leadership profiling tool differs from other leadership questionnaires on the market, unpicking dominant leadership approaches from the last century, going deeper than psychometrics, with much richer results.

The Hidden Leadership Questionnaire provides
  • A personalised profile of your leadership preferences
  • A new understanding of leadership fit for the 21st century
  • New insights into the leadership cultures that impact on you and your organisation
Your Profile Report

On completing the questionnaire you will receive, within an hour, an in-depth personal leadership profile report revealing:

Your hidden leadership strengths, biases and preferences and how they shape your leadership behaviour
What good leadership looks like to you, and what this means for your organisation
Why you react well to some leaders and are challenged by others
A new framework revealing which leadership approach works in which context

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  • Multi-pack: 51 - 1000 questionnaires for €30.00 each
  • Multi-pack: 11 - 50 questionnaires for €35.00 each
  • Multi-pack: 1 - 10 questionnaires for €40.00 each

Discover your Hidden Leadership preferences

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