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Leadership Culture Analysis
Diagnose Hidden Leadership Cultures

The HLQ can be used at scale by leaders, HR and OD professionals to undertake leadership culture surveys. It enables a diagnosis of the hidden leadership cultures and unconscious biases that dominate how leadership is performed in your team and organisation.

Discover the gaps between your leadership vision and practice:

  • Benchmark your leadership Discover what leadership is really being practiced now? Segment to groups e.g. gender, region, department
  • Identify where you need to be What kind of leadership is required, utilise surveys and focus groups to engage employees in this developmental process.
  • Plan targeted and bespoke leadership development

HLQ gives you Evidenced-Based Data enabling you to save costs and time, by delivering the right leadership development to the right people.

By segmenting the findings to specific groups, you can identify the different leadership approaches in specific groups, areas, teams and individuals. For example, what differences are there in generational leadership approaches? You can then tailor bespoke leadership development to the needs of a specific population, saving money and getting tailored results to develop the leadership talent you need.

Value at Scale
Coaching and Culture Change

We offer a collaborative partnership to support your leadership development process. Individuals received personalised leadership feedback whilst we work together towards transforming your organisational leadership, identifying talent and changing organisational culture. By addressing the specific gaps and aims identified by this process, you can be assured of much greater success.

Identify Leadership Potential - Bespoke for your context

Utilise the questionnaire tailored for your organisation to identify the specific areas of leadership development required. Used together with HR/OD and Leadership Development processes the HLQ can be leveraged to uncover hidden talent and identify the kind of leaders your organisation needs.

Cultural Leadership Audit

Using coaching debriefs with teams and organisations enables us to gather themes that arise in the coaching sessions, analyse them, and provide the organisation with an invaluable and confidential cultural audit of best practices and challenges. We discover what’s going on across your company/team from the best source…your employees!

Our approach delivers 3 outputs from one intervention!

  1. Evidence-based data-collection across segments of your choice.
  2. Personal leadership development.
  3. Organisational leadership development.

CONTACT US for information in how we can support your organisation and about our bespoke leadership development designs for targeted groups or the whole organisation.

New Leadership for New Times

We work with a vision of leadership that is profoundly different from the 20th century models, identifying the unconscious biases that prevent your desired change taking place. Our experienced OD and Leadership Development consultants and coaches are here to collaborate with you for your success. Work with our expert team to tailor leadership development solutions specifically for your organisation taking into account your specific structure and demographic. See our Case Study below for insights into how Leadership Culture Surveys can work for you.

Hidden Leadership Cultures: Case Study
National Research Project using the Hidden Leadership Questionnaire in the Further Education Sector:

Using the HLQ, based on the discourses of leadership below (Western S. 2008, 2013, 2019)

Step 1. Benchmarking Leadership

Identifying regional education colleges across the UK, we carried out a survey of individuals using the HLQ, from different departments and different levels of leadership, to get a benchmark of where leadership was in the sector. The results below showed how Therapist (people focused leadership was the dominant approach, followed by Eco-Leadership (systemic and distributed leadership approaches).

Step 2. Aspirational Leadership - Focus Groups

We shared our findings with a focus group in each college, sharing national and then specific regional results. We discussed the results, how the college differed or matched the national picture, and how different segments fared – gender, level of seniority, teaching and non-teaching and why this was. We then ask them to identify the leadership they aspired to, that would lead to success.

The national results of aspirational leadership revealed the gap between what leadership existed now and what was desired.


The main difference was the acknowledgement of a lack of connectedness, silo-working and hierarchical leadership delivered with ‘Therapist’ approaches. What was aspired to was more Eco-Leadership i.e., distributing leadership everywhere, empowering people at all levels to be leaders, breaking down silos and connecting people to share best practice and to work more collaboratively and adaptively together. Also, to learn from ecosystems outside of the sector, to innovate and to adapt to digital learning approaches.

Step 3. Segmenting Leadership

We then segmented further, identifying leadership findings across gender, age, seniority, teaching and non-teaching roles, and identified regional differences to provide real actionable insights. This enabled the leadership development team to design tailored and strategic approaches with our support, targeting the leadership development that is required most, at the right people.

Step 4. Final Report and Proposal for Designing Leadership Development

The final report commented on the analysis, the segmented results and the focus group reflections, drawing conclusions and then setting out proposals for targeted approaches to leadership development to shift colleges and the sector towards the desired leadership culture.

Application to teams and organisations

We use the Hidden Leadership Questionnaire to provide evidenced-based data, that can be segmented to your needs.

We offer a full analysis, focus groups and surveys to supplement and dig deeper into the culture, to enable you to plan tailored and specific leadership development. CONTACT US for further information.